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I help Over-thinkers stop their negative self talk so they can worry less, have healthier relationships and live a more present life

Are you feeling stuck, maybe even a little numb?

Do you feel lost with no sense of direction and your inner critic (don't even get me started on her) never shuts up?

Do you look in the mirror and no longer recognize the woman staring back at you?  

You know you want to make a change, however the days keep passing by and you just don’t know where to start?

By embracing the essence of energy and combining it with practical, easy to implement strategies you CAN and WILL create transformational change on the molecular level.

It is science! 

You are so much more Powerful  than you know...

Hi! I’m Lora 

A Mindset Mentor, Mother, Wife, Nature Lover and an Empathetic Ass Kicker.

I work with women who feel out of alignment with their desires and as if they have no control over the direction of their life. I teach them how to shift their thoughts using quantum neuroscience strategies so they can let go of their self limiting beliefs, feel more confident, live more consciously and begin creating a life aligned with their desires.  

By combining years of social work skills (aka – getting into the messy trenches of life with people to help them move from one point to the next) with my passion for scientific based findings on energy studies (cool stuff like quantum neuroscience, epi-genetics, emotional intelligence, manifestation and mind body connections) I will help you to make lasting emotional transformation at the core of yourself.

Are you ready to make lasting change on a molecular level?

My Story

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