At we are all about helping you  take a proactive approach to your emotional wellness so you can reduce burnout, stress, and anxiety and live a simplified, sustainable life that you love. 

I believe you landed here, right now, for a reason. 

Because you are on a journey and this is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter for you. 




As the world grapples with a mental health crisis, people are investing in proactively caring for their emotional health to create a more fulfilling life. 

Yet many people do not have the practical tools and techniques  to sustainably incorporate these habits into their everyday life.

I firmly believe the foundation of self-care and emotional wellness is built upon self-awareness. 

I  know what is possible when we have practical, actionable and sustainable wellness tools and strategies at our fingertips. 

Cutting through the self-care noise that is created by multi-billion dollar companies, and actually getting  down to the foundational level of what we REALLY need to create the life we love. 

To be able to be present in the moment, all the while getting closer and closer to your dream life everyday - without the stress, anxiety and fear of burning out standing in your way. 

To have a simplified life, aligned with the core of who you are. To have crystal clear clarity on your unique vision for your life and having the tools to keep taking steps towards it.

All the while, enjoying the journey as you integrate a proactive approach in managing your emotional and mental health. 

The strategies and programs offered at LoraDevries.Com focus on 4 core pillars. The exact same core pillars that helped me achieve my dream life that I am living right now -  grounding yourself in your core personal values, creating a crystal clear vision for your life, taking a proactive approach to your emotional wellness through the art of intentional  living and implementing a sustainable strategy to get you there…. 

Let's find the right program for your journey!


Your Life Design System


Ready to build a more balanced, present and calmer life? Whether you are going through a major life transition (career move, starting a business, going through a  divorce, new  parenthood, or entering the empty nest phase of life), are seeking a simpler, happier life or looking for a life-reset - The Clarity + Vision Method was made for you. 


With an emphasis on science-backed, simple and actionable tips, The Life Design System, has helped others just like you find crystal clear clarity on what steps to take next in their life and restore balance in all areas of their life.

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Lora participated in a Meetup Live event to discuss intentional living and vision boards.  She was very knowledgeable on the topic and was able to provide the audience with tangible advice that was easy to implement in their everyday life.

Lora’s presentation was both inspirational and motivating. The audience loved her and provided wonderful feedback. Needless to say, the event was a huge success and we hope to work with Lora again in the future!

- Marketing Events Coordinator

Thank you so much for working with us on the event today. It turned out AMAZING! Your presentation was filled with practical tips that will be so helpful to all of the attendees. The event was a big success with over 1,000 live!

- Jessica, Marketing Coordinator, New York