Lora de Vries
Burnout Coach + Intentional Living Expert


I’m Lora de Vries! 

I support professionals who struggle to find balance in their home and work life so they can prevent burnout and pro-actively manage their emotional health. 

I provide the tools and strategies to help you reconnect with what is truly important in your life, prioritize your emotional wellness (without quitting your job), and restore balance into your life so you are more productive at work, and more present at home. 

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Preventative emotional health care is the antidote to the mental health crisis. 

But how do we 'care' for our emotional health?

The thing is, we have never been taught how to really care for our mental health...

We are told to practice selfcare: go for a walk, take a bath, meditate, read.... and although these are important aspects of emotional healthcare, they only scratch the surface.

At loradevries.com we believe that the foundation of self-care and emotional wellness is built upon self-awareness.

If you:

...long for more simplicity + better boundaries in your life; 

... desire more presence, peace and joy everyday;

...want more balance between home and work

Self-awareness is the natural and pro-active way to manage your overall emotional health and wellness.


Your Frist Steps to being more self-aware. Get your 4 Step-Process to Uncover Your Core Personal Values Today

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Mother. Wife. Emotional Wellness. Advocate. Nature Lover. 

Hi! I’m Lora,

I support professionals to take control of their emotional wellness, overcome imposter syndrome and prevent burnout so they can access clarity of vision and find fulfillment in all areas of life.

As a CEO, burnout prevention coach,  emotional wellness advocate, Momma and Nature Nerd, I have the privilege of working with entrepreneurs and career oriented people to teach them how to reconnect to what really matters in their life. With actionable and sustainable tips, I help you create a wellness ecosystem so you can leave work at work, and build a more joyful, present and balanced lifestyle at home.
With my support you can create the life you truly desire and finally restore some balance into your life; all the while taking preventive steps to maintain and nourish your mental wellness. 
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Uncover Your Core Values 

The FUNDAMENTAL step in proactively managing your emotional wellness is knowing your core personal values. Gain clarity, confidence and self-awareness that will last a lifetime. 

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