How to Create a Biophilic Home - 11 Sustainable Design Ideas for your Home

biophilic design May 03, 2022
11 biophilic design trends for your home. What is Biophilic Design? How to make your home and office biophilic. Photo of biophilic living room with lots of house plants, natural elements and biophilic design concepts.

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It has been scientifically proven that adding a biophilic design into our homes has emotional wellness benefits including increased creativity, more connection to nature, reduced stress, lowered blood pressure levels, increased productivity and calmness. 


Biophilic design  incorporates many different nature based concepts and weaves them into our everyday life. Multi-million corporations and workspaces are all investing in the Biophilic Aesthetic as employees are saying ‘no more’ to the lifeless, artificial cubicle style offices we have been locked in for past decades. 


Our souls crave more nature and connection with the natural world around us and we are all ready to live a more sustainable life to help protect our beautiful earth, our emotional and mental well being. 


Incorporating a biophilic design into your home does not have to be hard or overwhelming.

Start small. Add sprinkles here and there - and I promise, once you infuse a biophilic design aesthetic into your personal sanctuaries, you will soon notice the huge impacts it has on your everyday life and emotional wellbeing.


What are biophilic Design Examples? How do you incorporate Biophilic Design into your Home? What are some biophilic Interior Design Elements? 


Below are 11 biophilic design examples  to try today. Pick one that will be easiest for you to incorporate! 


LoraDevriesInc receives commissions on purchases made through our links to retailers. Affiliate details »

How to Incorporate Biophilic Design into Your Home

1. Plants 

The EASIEST way to incorporate a biophilic design into your home is to add plants! Although biophilic design goes much deeper than just plants this is an incredible way to start on your biophilic design journey. 


2. Living Features 

Think about adding a fish tank, or a terrarium with a small reptile into your room. Positive contact with animal life can increase our awareness of the natural world and bring a calmness to any space. However, please only invest in animals that you are committed to caring for. If you are unable to care for a live animal, think outside the box and perhaps use birdfeeders outside your windows, use animal screensavers, photos or live streams. Or check out these amazing living terrariums below from Terra Living! 


TerraLiving on Etsy - shop here.


3. Textures

Nature is full of textures that subconsciously appeal to our hardwired nature loving mind. By playing with textures in your home, it provides you with hands-on experience to get those neural networks working. 



4. Air Flow

Open those windows and patio doors!  Turn on floor or ceiling fans to get air circulating. Natural breezes sub consciously heighten our connection with nature by activating our senses with different scents, sounds, touches and engages our nervous system. 


Etsy - WindmillCeilingFanCo - shop the look


5. Natural Lighting

Open those curtains, ditch the fluorescent lights. Allowing natural light into your space not only saves on electrical costs (and helps the planet) but it also enhances our connection to the natural world.  If you are in an area where this is not possible think about lighting and lighting fixtures that mimic nature nature.  Need some amazing lighting ideas? Check out my post here for some biophilic lighting ideas to swoon over! 

6. Wall Art

There are so many phenomenal art prints out there that won’t break the bank. Etsy is a goldmine for digital art prints that you can download for less than $30, print at your local printers and frame all for probably under $50-$100. When thinking about a biophilic aesthetic for your wall art think about prints that have plants, animals, landscapes, water, geological features— either via art,  photography, sculptures, computer backgrounds or even wall paper!  Choose what lights you up and brings a smile to your face. Remember Marie Kondo “Does it bring you joy?” Be intentional about it! And remember, just don't pick one photo, expressions of nature should be repeated, thematic, and abundant. Here is one of my favourite shops on Etsy - take a look and find something you love! 

Coast Style Prints - Etsy - Check out their Wall Art


7. Natural Materials

Incorporate natural building and decorative materials into your biophilic design. Using materials from nature elicits positive visual and tactile responses, which few artificial materials can duplicate. There are so many ways to do this - think about incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, wool, shells, cotton, and (faux) leather into furnishings, fabrics, centerpieces and decor around the home! Biophilic examples are a wood dining table, a stone side table, a jute rug, unfinished raw edged woods for shelving or fireplace mantles. I like to display my beachcombing finds on the back of my toilets, in my book shelves and as centre pieces. Check out my Pinterest and follow along for great ideas! 

Rughouseindia on Etsy - shop the look here


8. Color Palette

Think natural tones and muted “earth” tones similar to characteristics of rocks (greys), soil (soft browns) and plants (greens). Use accents with bright pops of colours that also mimic the natural environment such as flowers, sunsets, rainbows, and certain plants and animals. 


9. Natural Shapes, Curves and Forms

Nature has the most beautiful shapes, curves and forms weaved throughout every living being. Incorporating characteristics of the natural world is extremely appealing to our senses and emotional wellness. Think about leaf-life patterns, plants shapes, fabrics with animal shapes and outlines to transform a static space into one that is more dynamic and like a living ecosystem.  Curved bars are all the rage right now. 

10. Natural Geometries

Nature is abundant with self-repeating but varying patterns. Think about  the spacing of plant leaves, branches and flower petal (scientifically called the Fibonacci Sequence) or the spiraling of a seashell, or arrangements of seeds in a sunflower (scientifically called Golden Ratio). Nature is full of natural geometries that appeal to our desire for natural connection. 

MetalWorldMapCentre on Etsy - Shop the Look

11. Fire

Fire offers warmth and movement into your space. Using a real fireplace or gas fireplace is a great way to incorporate fire into yoru home. If this is not possible or you are in an apartment, think about lighting candles throughout your home, or getting some funky scent warmers that create cozy vibes and different lighting within your home. 


By incorporating a few of these biophilic design ideas into your home, you will begin to notice a calming effect in your space and the positive impacts it has on your overall wellness. 

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