5 Night Time Routines to Help you Manifest While you Sleep (Updated 2023)

personal energy Nov 10, 2023
Learn how to Manifest before Bed. The night time routine you need to manifest your desires before sleep. Manifesting before bed is the best time to manifest your desires. Create your own manifesting ritual before bed. Night time manifestation tips you need.

Unlock Your Potential with Nighttime Manifestation: 5 Micro-Habits for a Dream Life

Did you know Olympians, Oscar Winning Actors and some of the greatest minds of all time incorporate visualization (or mental rehearsal as the scientific community likes to call it) into their daily lives to achieve their dreams? 

Visualization is a powerful tool in manifesting your dream. 

The thing is, a lot of times 'manifesting' gets written off as it is too 'woo-woo', or 'new age' for people. Which is a real shame, because a lot of people are missing out on an incredible tool to help you you gain a deeper insight and awareness into themselves and what they really want in this world. 

Neuroscience continues to show us the powerful impact that visualization or mental rehearsal has on our subconscious mind and how we can literally create the life we desire by incorporating visualization into our lives.

In this article I am going to share my 5 nighttime micro-habits I use every night to manifest desires into my life. 


Why Manifesting Right Before you Fall Asleep is the Best Time to Visualize Your Dream Life. 

One of the most powerful times to practice visualization is right before you drift off to sleep. 


Because when you start to drift off to sleep your mind switches into Theta wave lengths which is an in-between state of your conscious and sub conscious mind.

 "Theta" is where imagination, dreams, and reality merge—the space where adults can escape limiting self-beliefs and tap into their intuition, passions, and inner light. 

Needless to say, it is an amazing mind-space to be in. 

By visualizing right as your drift off into sleep you are tapping into your subconscious mind and embedding your desires into your subconscious (which is what we want to do!) 

I have been using this strategy for over 8 years now and have manifested everything from a networking opportunities, career moves, living on an Island I adore and finding our perfect starter house. 

If you are on the fence about manifesting and are like me, needing some logical and scientific reasoning as to how it all works, I encourage you to check out my post about the Beginners Guide to Personal Energy (it provides science!)

I truly believe Manifesting is a self development tool everyone should  have in their wellness toolkit as a supplementary enhancement to reaching their dreams! 



5 Night Time Routines to Manifest while you sleep


1. Turn off distractions

I know it is easy to play on your phone, watch that Netflix show or PVR recording – but it is so important to give yourself a minimum of  5 minutes of screen free time before bed. This not only slows your brain waves down, but it also calms your system and allows you to get into a place of mindfulness and presence. You do not have to make this an hour long ritual... because in reality, many of us would love to have an hour night time relaxation ritual – but having children, keeping up a house, having demanding jobs and the need for sleep -- this is not always possible. However 5-10 minutes before closing your eyes - that is something you can get on board with.

ACTION: Allocate at least 5 minutes of screen-free time before bed to slow down brain waves, calm your system, and cultivate mindfulness.


2. Do a physical grounding exercise to bring you to the present 

We all have minds that wander. We all have priorities, to do lists, stress lists, worry lists and fears that seem to never turn off. One way to start your sleep off right is to ground yourself physically in your body. Do a 2 minute body scan. Starting at your feet and moving to your head bring awareness to all parts of your body... By grounding yourself physically you are able to move out of your mind and into your body and present moment. Be sure to take deep intentional breathes as your mind moves over all parts of your body.

ACTION: Perform a 2-minute body scan, moving from your feet to your head, grounding yourself physically to shift from a busy mind to a present moment.


3. Think about 2-3 things you are grateful that occurred in your day.

Now that you are grounded in the present, bring awareness to something you are grateful for that occurred today. It can be as simple as being grateful that it was sunny outside, that you were able to breathe in fresh air or that your body was able to get you through the day without breaking down. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for – no matter how shitty your day was. By focusing on 1-3 things, you shift your mind into a place of abundant mindset versus scarcity and raises your energetic frequency – which is always important especially when manifesting.

 ACTION: Reflect on 2-3 things you're grateful for from the day, fostering an abundant mindset and raising your energetic frequency, essential for manifesting.


4. Incorporate heart centered breathing.

This is my FAVOURITE breathing technique which was developed by HeartMath Institute and it is SO EASY. Sometimes I find I can get lost in breathing exercising focusing on how long to inhale, hold and exhale – but this technique is so simple and grounds me in a place of love. HeartMap explains heart breathing as simply breathing at a pace that is comfortable for you, picturing someone or something you love and focusing on breathing “through your heart”. Instead of focusing on your stomach or your lungs – bring your attention to your heart and picture it inhaling and exhaling the breath while focusing on something that brings you a feeling of love.

ACTION: Practice HeartMath Institute's heart-centered breathing, focusing on your heart and picturing someone or something you love. This simple technique grounds you in a place of love.


5. Begin to visualize your dream life.

Now that you are more aware, more grounded and mindful you then start visualizing or mentally rehearsing your dream life. Whatever this looks like for you. You can do this by just visualizing as you lay there or you can write in a manifesting journal... whatever works for you. The key is to really vividly image your dream life in pictures. Our minds thrive on imagery. Choose a scene and imagine yourself first person in the scene of your ideal life. Make sure to feel all the feels when you are picturing your dream life and let yourself drift toff to sleep.

 ACTION: Now that you're more aware, grounded, and mindful, start visualizing your dream life. Vividly imagine scenes, feeling all the emotions, and let yourself drift off to sleep.


BONUS TIP: Record Yourself:

Write out your life vision in detail, then record yourself and play back before drifting to sleep. All the while listening to you speak your vision into your ear (and subconscious mind) while vividly picturing yourself in that life. This is a tactic that is grounded in neuroscience. 


Not sure how to write a life vision? Need help crafting detailed imagery for your life? Then check out my Life Visioning 101 article here. 



These 5 micro-habits or nighttime law of attraction rituals are simply guidelines that work for me. When you read them and try them - find out what feels right to you. The key self development, self growth and manifesting is taking what works for your life and applying it.


Do you have any other night time routines that work for you? Comment below and let me know as the more we share the more we can build a nighttime routine that works for our overall health and wellbeing.


If you are looking for more science- backed practical manifesting tips and tricks that may be aligned with your life, then I encourage you to check out this free 5 day manifestation challenge where I will walk you step by step on how you can incorporate manifesting into your life today!


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