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11 Ways to Start Being Intentional This Year

Now more than ever we have to take control of our mental and emotional wellness. 

In a society whose mental health system is failing our children, our families, our elderly and our communities, we as individuals have to start making  a conscious effort to better our emotional and mental wellness. 

Yes, many of us were not taught these skills as children.

Yes, many of us do not know where to start.

Yes, many of us are weary if it works… I am here to tell you living a...

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10 Life Skills You Are Teaching Your Kids During COVID-19

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Are you panicking, worrying, and stressing that your children are not in school,  daycare, or some sort of structured learning….?

You are not alone.

Parents are burning out trying to be employees, teachers and parents.

My sister, a teacher of 18  years (with 3 pre-teens of her own) said she is getting panicked emails from parents worrying they are not doing a 'good enough job', that  'they are still on chapter 5' and they are 'emotionally...

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Real #Couplegoals We Should All Strive For

My Granny is 87. My Grandpa is 89.

When I was young, they used to flirt and giggle in front of us.

Grandpa always giving Granny that sideways wink and grin. Granny always giggling “ooh Frank…”

They still flirt in front of us. 

They never hid their affection from each other, or from us.

They used to tell us the importance of always being a team. Of comprising.  Of meeting half way.

Of laughing at yourselves.  Of having fun.  Of keeping the intimacy...

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150 'Word of the Year' Ideas to Get Aligned with Your Dream Life

Hate goal setting?

New to goal setting?

Feel like you don’t have time for goal setting? 

Don’t know where to start on goal setting?

It is time to shift your mindset around setting goals for your life. 

Start living a more intentional life by simply choosing a word or phrase to get aligned with your dream life!


Why you need a Word of the Year or a Yearly Theme

Choosing a word of the year or a yearly theme, allows you to have an overarching umbrella for the...

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How to Set a Yearly Theme for 2020 in 3 Steps!

Do you hear the term ‘SMART goals’ or ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and shudder a little inside? 

You want to make some changes, but DREAD setting goals and honestly do not even really know where or how to start.

You are not alone.  It is said that about 92% of people set goals and never achieve them if they even bother to set any in the first place.

With a stat that high, do you not think it is time we start having alternative options when it comes to...

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