6 Ways to Manage Emotions During Times of Stress

conscious parenting emotional wellbeing Mar 14, 2020

What do you do when your mind is stuck in fear and stress?

When it feels as if you have no control over anything?

As the world is in a period of uncertainty; reactions of panic, fear and anxiety can be felt around the world. 

Millions of people's personal energy is vibrating in states of fear, anxiety and panic.

And you can literally feel the change in energy in the world.

You can feel the heaviness.

And this heaviness is making us more sick.  


How to Manage Emotions During Stress

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Energetic Biologist, explains that stress is responsible for 90% of illness. When your body is in a state of stress, it releases cortisol (stress hormones) which tells your body to go into 'fight or flight mode'. This means your body shuts down your immune system so it can focus all of its energy on being ready for the ‘threat’ – making you more susceptible to physical illness. Not to mention emotional illness.

Health professionals tell us that in order to stay physically healthy we must keep our immune systems up.

If we are constantly staying in powerful emotions of fear, stress, panic and anxiety then we are compromising our immune systems. Making us more susceptible to illness.

This is why consciously being aware of your emotions during stressful situations is so important in boosting your immunity and managing your emotional wellness.   


6 Ways to Cope with Stress


1. Give yourself a break from the news

It is so easy to get sucked into constant checking of news feeds when tragic world events are occurring and not being able to shut it off. Letting ourselves be consumed by knowing what is going on at every second Is not conducive to our mental well being. Give yourself a break from it. Reading every article and watching the play by play without taking breaks creates additional panic, fear and anxiety.  



2. Recognize what you can and cannot control 

You can control your responses and actions to the events. Get knowledgeable on the preventive measures you and your family can take. There is no sense in worrying about what will happen next as you cannot control that. But you can control what actions you decide to take.



3. Let yourself sit with some of the heavy emotions.

It is natural to feel them. We are all feeling them. Don’t ignore them, but don’t get stuck in them either. Processing heavy emotions is difficult at the best of times, and can be more difficult during times of excessive stress. By first understanding that these feelings are hard and you are not alone and, second, being consciously aware that you can shift out of these thoughts you will have more likelihood of better managing your emotions.  



4. Recognize when your thought train is going into hyper drive.

Bring awareness to your thoughts when they start taking you into the murky waters of worry. When you notice yourself being all consumed by thoughts surrounding the event consciously make note of it and then start to re-shift your focus to what you can control.  Something in the present moment. 


5. Practice Heart Breathing 

My favorite breathing exercise to calm your thoughts and calm your body is HeartMath’s heart centered breathing. Breathe in and out for about 5 seconds each. With each in and out breathe picture it passing through your heart. After connecting your breath and your heart for 5-10 breaths consciously focus on someone or something you love to evoke a sincere feeling of gratitude, appreciation and love. Sit there for a few moments and then bring yourself back to the present. Need more Grounding techniques - check out this post HERE


6. Do something you enjoy 

Make a conscious effort to do something you enjoy and be conscious of being present. Time with family, playing with your kids, crocheting, going on a walk, reading, catching up on sleep, doing a hobby you love…. do something that lights you up. 


By understanding your thoughts and emotions better, especially during times of stress and world events, you are able to better manage your emotions which in turn boosts your immunity and allows you to better manage your stress.

How are you managing your stress? Leave a comment below. 



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