7 Simple Self-Care Tips to Ease Overwhlem

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7 Simple Self-Care Tips to Ease Overwhlem

How many times have you heard, or perhaps even said, “I don’t have time for self-care, I’m too busy.”

Only to probably hear someone respond with “you have to make self-care a priority”.  

There is a constant battle from one side of the spectrum screaming “self-care! self-care! self-care!” to other side screaming “When? When? When?”

It is enough to make anyone mad.  

But the reality is -- we all know we need to take care of ourselves.

How then do we do this without it feeling like a chore or another ‘to do’ on our already overflowing 'to do' list?

In this article I speak to shifting our views on self-care and give 7 self-ideas ideas that you can do anytime, anywhere to nurture your overall mental wellness.


Re-defining Self-Care

In a world where we are inundated with information overload, fear-based news, unrealistic expectations on families and the constant stress of simply trying to make ends meet; we need take care of ourselves and our families more than ever.    

When people think of self-care most often they immediately think of external activities you do in order to feel better about yourself.

Like going to the spa, the gym, on a vacation or for a massage. You know the ones...

Activities which provide momentary relief from reality.

Activities which have a place in the self care spectrum, however may not always be practical for everyone due to time restraints, finances and other family commitments.  

What is missing in the self-care realm is incorporating internal self-care practices that take less then 5 minutes of our day.  

By focusing on your internal self-care, you are not only practicing a self-care routine, you are are also creating lasting habits of mental wellness with out even realizing it. Literally re-wiring your brain for lasting change. 

Whereas, after the massage, after the pedicure, after the vacation -- you are coming back to your stressful, overwhelmed life. Yes, you may feel slightly rejuvenated, but how long does that rejuvenation last? Until you walk back into your house? Your work? Until your kid has a meltdown?

We must redefine self-care from the inside, make the internal changes so we can lead a more joyful life finding happiness in the present.  


How to Make Time for Self-Care Routines

So how then do we make time for self-care?

Start small.

start with an easy habit you can implement that takes less than 5 minutes of your day. 

Make the decision to consciously practice it each day.

 Accept it is your own personal responsibility to engage in self-care.

You cannot get around this fact.

Drop the excuses and carve out 5 minutes to focus on internal self-care. While you commute, when you are cooking, on social media, in front of the tv, exercising. 


You have to make the choice to commit to yourself. 

Choose to love yourself enough to take care of you. 


7 Self-Care Tips for Mental Wellness.


  1. Breathe. Yes, simply stopping and noticing your breath for 3-5 breaths is self-care. By focusing on your breath you are flexing your consciousness muscle and not only re-setting your internal dialogue, but you are training yourself to be more conscious of your thoughts and emotions.


  1. Ground yourself. Focus on your 5 senses. Touch your thumb to each finger and count. Notice your feet on the ground and picture them growing roots deep into the earth’s core. What do you smell? What do you see? Mentally connect with your senses and physical body to bring your awareness into the present moment versus spiraling out with your worry, overwhelm or to do list.


  1. Do a Body Scan and stretch. Take 3-5 minutes to just gently stretch while consciously being aware of your muscles flexing your head to your toes.  Sitting in a chair at work, stretch your arms, your neck flex your toes. Get your blood pumping.


  1. Write it out. Simply ‘word vomit’ as fast as you can either type or write in a journal. It doesn't have to be bullet journal pretty just get your thoughts out of your head. Release them onto paper, onto your phone. Release them somewhere personal for your eyes only. Getting it out of our heads, frees up space and energy from our bodies, hearts and minds.


  1. Quit Numbing your Emotions. For goodness sake, cry. Yell, get angry. Quit bottling up those emotions inside of you. Obviously try and be aware of where you do this – you may not want to just start screaming in the grocery store – but find a place and time to just let the emotions flow. I have let out some Zeena screams in my car on many occasions. I have went in a closet and screamed into a pillow when I couldn’t handle my anger and I have broke down crying while making dinner. Let. It. Out.


  1. Notice your 'Shoulds'. I should go to the gym. I should take the survey. I should bake cupcakes from scratch. I should, I should I should. There will always be things we ‘should’ be doing, but start reflecting on if it is things you ‘want’ to be doing or ‘need’ to be doing. Should’ing’ is most often related to a guilt response within us. Start noticing is and cutting out 1 ‘should’ that is not needed today.


  1. Take a Digital Break. When we feel overwhelmed most of our go to source of comfort is mindless scrolling on our phones. Because let’s be honest we ALL find time to do this. Most often creating more feelings of FOMO, comparison and inadequacy. Instead be mindful of when you want to pick up your phone and choose to stay present. Watch your child, read a book or just sit there in the moment and breathe.


Sometimes the smallest acts have the biggest impacts.

Love yourself enough to invest 5 minutes in your self care.

Start small.

Keep practicing.



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