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11 Ways to Start Being Intentional This Year

Now more than ever we have to take control of our mental and emotional wellness. 

In a society whose mental health system is failing our children, our families, our elderly and our communities, we as individuals have to start making  a conscious effort to better our emotional and mental wellness. 

Yes, many of us were not taught these skills as children.

Yes, many of us do not know where to start.

Yes, many of us are weary if it works… I am here to tell you living a...

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6 Ways to Stop Worrying


Worry is like a rocking chair - it gives you something to do, but never gets you anywhere - Emily Bombeck.  


When I read this quote it made me stop and really think about my relationship with worry. It really does not get you anywhere. 


Our 'monkey mind', a term coined thousands of years in Buddhism, speaks to the tenancy of humans minds to become restless, indecisive and create problems and stress like a bunch of wild monkeys causing havoc in a jungle.


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How To Stop Caring What Others Think

You know those times when you get super excited to try something new?

To follow your heart?

To put yourself out there?  

You feel a rush of passion, excitement and aliveness.

and suddenly your 'Negative Nancy' creeps inside your head and start asking questions like:

“what will people think?”,

“what will people say?”,

“I can’t do that….people will think I have gone off the deep end…”

Then you go into fear paralysis.



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5 Steps to Stop Negative Self-Talk and Imposters Syndrome

Are you tired of hearing your inner critic tell you why you are not good enough? Worthy enough? Pretty enough? Thin enough? Outgoing enough? Confident enough?

Are you tired of playing the same self-negative beliefs on repeat? Day after day, year after year? 

Hand raised. 

Our minds are so powerful and often can lead us down a rabbit hole of thoughts that keep us feeling defeated, unfulfilled and stuck in life. 

The great thing is, that like any muscle in our body, we can learn...

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How to Stay Motivated to Keep Healthy Habits

You’ve set a goal, started a new healthy habit and are feeling excited, energized and pumped to start changing something in your life. 

But as the days go by, slowly your motivation starts to dwindle. 

→ All of a sudden getting up earlier does not sound that enticing - especially when you are not physically seeing any results in all the effort you are putting in. 

→ Eating that salad seems less appetizing than going to the drive through. 

→ Building...

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How to Make a Decision With Confidence

Do you struggle with making decisions?

If you are like most of the population you probably do at some point or another.  

I used to have the HARDEST time making a decision in my life. When it came to making a choice on simple things from what I wanted to eat for dinner, watch on Netflix, to bigger life decisions like leaving a toxic relationship, a job I hated or investing in a course. 

Depending on the decision I was making, I would sit and stew on my decision. For hours,...

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Living with Intention Allows you to Be More Present

The Art of Intentional Living 

If you find time is passing you by quickly and feeling as if you are living in 'auto-pilot mode' then you may want to consider adopting intentional living into your life. 


In a world where, on average, we are inundated with 6-10 thousand advertisements each day telling us how we should, or should not, be living our lives - intentional living allows you to take a step back and refocus on what matters to you without all the noise.


I started...

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10 Healthy Habits of Happy Women


Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they seem so happy? So balanced? So aligned with life?

It is like they know something you don’t.

The thing is, there is no secret to being happy – it is simply a choice.

People who are genuinely happy in their lives made the conscious choice to choose happiness and you can to.

By adding some of these healthy habits into your life you too can start living a happier and fulfilled life. These simple internal shifts in mindset...

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25 Mindfulness Exercises for Everyday

How often do you find yourself not remembering what you did a few moments ago because your mind is so full of other ‘stuff’?

If you are anything like the rest of humanity - it is probably quite a lot. 

The thing is, while we are so caught up in the routine, the worry, the anxiety, the social media, the online shopping, the “busyness” of life – we are missing out on the magnificent of life. 

The moments that create the magic.  

Being taught at...

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8 Natural Stress Relief Activities for Selfcare

We are ALL needing some coping skills right now. 

For those times when our mind wander into the abyss of worry and what if's, when our tempers are just boiling under our skin and when the lack of control we feel overtakes us. 

We need practical and tangible stress relief activities to implement in the moment and shift us back into the present. 

Although engaging in self care techniques are essential to boosting your immunity they do not always help in the moment. When your...

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