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Nature Aesthetic Wall paper

Nature aesthetic wall paper for your phone

Nature has always been a huge part of my life. When I was a child, I was not the kid that got to go on an airplane, I never went to Disney Land and really, until I was 18 I never left the province I grew up in.

Instead of extravagant holidays, we went camping.

And I'm not talking about "Glamping"... I'm talking about the hard core, take your canoe, paddle for 3 hours on a lake, portage (where you carry your canoe and bags) through the bush to another...

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Top 11 Plant Decor Propagation Stations for Under $40


I love incorporating propagation stations into my biophilic decor. 

It is so easy, creates more plants for your to either give away to friends and family, to sell on Facebook marketplace or to plant elsewhere in your home! 

This post contains some affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, I may make a small commission, with no extra cost to you. Please find more details here.  


What is a Propagation Station? 

A propagation station is simply...

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How to Recover from Burnout as a Parent

this past year something started happening to me. My mind starting getting fuzzy at work, I was dropping the ball on things I needed to do, the littlest tasks started to seem overwhelming huge, I was emotionally drained, I started being very cynical about work,  I started viewing the world through a negative lens, everyday tasks that I once enjoyed drained all of my energy.


I could not understand what was going on with me. As a Type A, super-achiever, overly organized personality...

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Biophilic Lighting Ideas for your Biophilic Home Decor

Do your lights need an upgrade? 


Lighting is a very important part of biophilic design. 


Incorporating a lot of natural light into your sacred spaces not only saves on electrical costs (and helps the planet) but it also enhances our connection to the natural world.


In addition to opening up those curtains, if you are in an area where this is not possible all the time, or you want to even o further with your biophilic design, then I encourage you to think about...

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How to Create a Biophilic Home - 11 Sustainable Design Ideas for your Home

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It has been scientifically proven that adding a biophilic design into our homes has emotional wellness benefits including increased creativity, more connection to nature, reduced stress, lowered blood pressure levels, increased productivity and calmness. 


Biophilic design  incorporates many different nature based concepts and weaves them into our...

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What is Biophilic Design and Why You Need it in Your Home!

What is Biophilic Design Aesthetic? 


When I was a young girl, I used to love going over to my Aunt's house. She had this AMAZING terrarium with a HUGE plant growing inside of it. I was always mesmerized by it. Somehow being close to the beautiful terrarium, I always felt calmer, at peace and curious. Have you felt the same around plants?


Since the pandemic, houseplants sales have skyrocketed.  No wonder why… with most of us staying indoors over 90% of the time,...

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Say No to Resolutions: 10 Experts Share How To Set New Year Intentions

Original Article written by Charlsie Niemiec and published on

It's that time of year again when the idea of New Year's resolutions suddenly becomes top of mind.

Before you get too carried away with making a New Years' resolution list for yourself, your family and your home, it's important to know that 54 percent of people fail to commit to their New Year resolutions past six months. If you're looking to make a mindful and permanent change, shift from making resolutions...

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11 Ways to Start Being Intentional This Year

Now more than ever we have to take control of our mental and emotional wellness. 

In a society whose mental health system is failing our children, our families, our elderly and our communities, we as individuals have to start making  a conscious effort to better our emotional and mental wellness. 

Yes, many of us were not taught these skills as children.

Yes, many of us do not know where to start.

Yes, many of us are weary if it works… I am here to tell you living a...

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Why Online Businesses Need Pinterest and Tailwind Create

Did you know that the online education industry is projected to be over 375 BILLION by 2026?


With the world turning more and more to online education,  we are entering an automated revolution. So if you have been thinking about starting your online business, or have already started it but are needing to gain some traction - NOW IS THE TIME. 

One of the FASTEST ways I have grown my following, website visits, email opt-ins and sales is with Pinterest. 

Pinterest is...

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What is Intentional Living and Why You Need it

Do you find yourself mindlessly hoping from task to task. Hour to hour? Day to day? Week to week? 

Sometimes it seems as if it all blurs together and you find yourself wondering where the time has gone? 

In a world where “busy”ness has been equated to success;

In a world where we are taught to value the external over the internal;

In a world where mental health issues are at an all time high;

In a world where CHILDREN’s mental health is at an all time high;

Now, is...

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