7 Benefits of Being Intentional. Live Intentionally + Make a Better Life

emotional wellbeing intentional living Oct 20, 2020
7 benefits of intentional living. Discover 7 benefits of being more intentional and how to live more intentionally every day so you can be more present, mindful and aligned. By being Intentional, making intentional choices and knowing your core values you can learn how to make a better life for yourself.

7 Benefits of Intentional Living + The Importance of Being Intentional


Do you find yourself mindlessly hoping from task to task. Hour to hour? Day to day? Week to week? 

Sometimes it seems as if it all blurs together and you find yourself wondering where the time has gone? 

In a world where “busy”ness has been equated to success;

In a world where we are taught to value the external over the internal;

In a world where mental health issues are at an all time high;

In a world where CHILDREN’s mental health is at an all time high;

Now, is the time to start re-defining how we want to live our life. How our children and future generations want to live their lives. 

If 2020 has taught us anything - it is that nothing is certain. 

And it is time we face this head on and figure out how we can start re-writing the future for ourselves and future generations. 

But where do you even start? 

One of the ways you can begin to do this is to adopt an intentional lifestyle. 

What is an intentional lifestyle? 

In a nutshell, 

↠ Intentional living is a lifestyle which brings more awareness into your daily life. 

↠ It is a lifestyle where you learn how to shut off ‘auto-pilot mode’ and commit to living a more present life aligned with your core values. 

↠ Intentional living is a holistic, all encompassing approach to ‘BE’ing each day. 

↠ Living an intentional life is becoming intentional about what you want in life, what really matters and making day to day decisions based on the larger picture of what you want out of life. 

↠ Intentional living means making conscious choices and taking aligned action that help you to get closer to where you want to be in life and how you want to show up each day. It’s about defining what you want your life to look like and having a plan to move you towards that life.


Benefits of living a more intentional lifestyle

1. You are more present

Embracing an intentional way of living naturally means you become more present. Living with intention is living with awareness of what brings you joy, what lights you up and what fuels your fire. In doing this you naturally become more present to everyday moments as you are hyper aware of what is bringing you joy in the now. 


2. You have happier and healthier relationships

After I started living intentionally ALL of my relationships improved. So often we are quick to blame other people, to react in defensiveness and to create more drama in our relationships that we may not be aware of. When you start living intentionally, when you start taking responsibility for the things you can control and letting go of the stuff you cannot - your relationships will improve.


3. You are aligned with your values - getting aligned with your values is one of the foundations of living intentionally. When you know your North Star, when you know what is important to you in life, you naturally become more aligned, happier and joyful in your life. You find peace because you make decisions that are in total alignment with who you are at your core. It is amazing how many people do not know their life values… if this is you do not feel bad, as it is not something we were taught; it is however something easily learned and essential to living an intentional life. 


>> If you are interested in diving deeper into how you can embrace a more present, joyful and intentional life, start by learning how to set intentions. Grab your free intentional living worksheet here. 

4. You create healthy boundaries

When you are living an intentional life from your values, it is much easier to feel confident in creating healthy boundaries. You learn to let say no to things that no longer serve you and say yes to things that light you up. You begin to recognize relationships that drain you energy and are causing drama and toxicity in your life and you become more confident in setting boundaries that work for you. 

5. You communicate more confidently 

As you hone your skill of living with intention and you begin to take responsibility for your responses and reactions, you will find yourself being more aware of how you speak to others, how you communicate your needs which in turn leads to better communication with the ones we love.


6. You create better emotional and mental health

Living intentionally shines the spotlight on your mental and emotional health. You begin to recognize the importance, the need, the NECESSITY, of caring for your emotional and mental wellness which trickles into every aspect of your life. You learn how to stop the band-aid self care solutions and create the lasting emotional balance you are seeking. 


7. You have better physical health

It has been proven time and time again that up to 70% of all physical health issues are directly correlated to stress. When you live more intentionally you are decreasing your stress, getting out of states of fear and worry and into the present moment. As you balance your mental and emotional health, your physical health also begins to balance (and guess what there is no strict diet required)! 

Intentional Living is the all encompassing holistic lifestyle that everyone needs to begin to embrace. 


My mission is to help society create more emotionally healthy and present families. Where mental health and emotional wellness are taught, and made to be, the norm in society. Where people learn the coping skills and strategies to better manage life stressors and change; all the while being more present, happy and joyous in their lives.  


If you are interested in joining this movement, in creating significant change in your lives in 2021 and beyond (change that will have a ripple effect in yours and others lives), then I encourage you to start setting intentions for your year ahead. Let me walk you through how to do this with this free intention setting worksheet here >>



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