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10 Tips on How to Raise Your Vibration

You know those days when you are just feeling off? Your energy is low, you are having a pessimistic outlook on things and every little thing is just seems to be not going your way?  

You recognize that you are being a little grumpier and negative than usual, and just can't seem to get out of it? You try to re-align, have a positive outlook and get out of the mood you are in but it is just not working.

We have all been there.

It takes practice to learn how to shift out of a low vibration and back into one of alignment.

Below are 10 tips you can try the next time you are feeling like you are in a funk and needing to raise your vibration.


10 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations


Be Aware of Your Low Energy

The very first and most important step of raising your vibration is being aware that you are feeling off, down and in a more negative space. By gently acknowledging this to yourself you are consciously stepping out of your mood and beginning to see if from another perspective versus being completely caught up in the overwhelming emotions.


Ground Yourself

By focusing your mind out of the subconscious and into the physical world it helps your brain to re-focus on something other than the spiraling thoughts going cycling through your mind.


Name What you are Feeling

So often we are quick to say ‘I’m just angry’, or ‘I’m just grumpy’. But these are overarching terms that can mean so much more. Try and dig deeper into what you are really feeling and name it. Are you feeling disappointed because of something that happened? Are you feeling judged by a comment someone made? Are you feeling vulnerable because you put yourself out there and did not get the results you expected? Are you feeling resentment? Not in control? Frustration? Sadness? Overwhelm? Dig deeper.


Let Yourself Feel the Emotions after you Name Them

Okay, I get this one is scary and annoying as it is soo much easier to numb out on Netflix or social media, but it is important to acknowledge whatever you are feeling and just sit with it for a bit. By doing this it allows you to process the emotions and get rid of them versus just stuffing them down that hollow leg for them to explode later on.


Write it Out

I know you have heard this before, but the power of putting your thoughts on paper is a game changer. The more you ‘verbal diarrhea’ into a notebook that you can re-read in the future the more you will become aware of your ongoing patterns. This is a game changer for living more consciously. It allows you to be the scientist for your own life. If you are one of those over-thinkers who puts pen to paper and then freezes, try these journaling prompts to get you started and really just let the pen flow. This is a personal space for you and your thoughts.


Move your body

This is probably the last thing some of us want to do, but even if you just stretch your arms, do a couple of yoga poses or move to some music. By activating your body you are releasing different chemicals into your body so you can gain refresh your perspective and gain clarity.


Get a Dose of Love

Seriously – NEVER underestimate the power of a hug. Love and connection is one of the most powerful ways to feel less alone and more in alignment. Hugging transfers energy between two people and raises your vibration. Just be sure you don’t skimp out on that hug. Give a two armed, hold me tight, type of hug to someone you love – your spouse, your child, your parents, your dog, your cat.


Get Outside

Mother Nature is called ‘Mother’ for a reason; because she has the ability to comfort like no other. Whether you are able to go for a quick jaunt around the block, or actually get out into a park, into a forest or near water, your soul will thank you. And if the weather is not the best – well dress for it! Rain is just as cleansing as sunshine. It is all in your perspective.


Shift Back into a Place of Gratitude

I know you hear this ALL The time, but it is true. If you can begin to shift your perspective to focus on something that you are grateful for it takes you out of the brain and into the heart. Contrary to popular belief, science tells us that the heart passes more information to the brain, so when you are able to shift your thoughts from a place of love and gratitude, you are shifting yourself back into a place of balance. I recommend trying the steps above first so you can get authentically shift into this place. I can’t count the amount of times I grumpily said what I was grateful for (because I was told to practice gratitude) only to notice no changes. It was not until I incorporated some of the strategies above FIRST before I was able to shift back into a place of authentic gratitude.


Nourish Your Soul

What does this look like for you? Do you love reading? Taking a bath? Going out in nature? Playing a video game? Watching some reality tv? Crafting? Sewing? Crocheting? Fitness? Meditating? Yoga? Getting a manicure? What fuels YOUR soul? After processing your low vibrations from the tips above, engage in some sort of activity that rejuvenates you! The key here is to make sure you dig that little bit deeper with the steps above before (or while) engaging in this activity. Remember we want to make lasting change in living consciously not just a band aid solution.


In Summary

Recognizing your internal dialogue, patterns, emotions and beliefs is one of the best self-care strategies you can do for yourself. By doing this you are giving yourself the gift of knowing yourself and challenging any self-limiting beliefs or programming that continue to keep you stuck.

Going inwards to create lasting change takes practice. So go easy on yourself and I promise the more you begin to become aware of YOURSELF, your beliefs, your triggers and your patterns you will begin to be able to shift from your low vibrations to a higher vibrations more confidently and quickly in the future.



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Just a little disclaimer, I do not think it is a bad thing to experience these moods, as our emotions and moods are most likely trying to tell us something. By ignoring them or trying to be super positive all the time, you may miss what they are trying to tell you. However, with that being said, we don’t want to hang out in this low energy for longer than we have to. 

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