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8 Tips to Cope with Sadness

Just the other day I was in a real funk.

Feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, worry and doubts just crept in. I felt a wave of body numbing sadness and hopelessness and I wanted to curl back into bed and make these feelings go away. 

I know I'm not alone in feeling this..... especially during these times.... 


This is why it more important than ever for us to be aware of emotions that may overwhelm us at any given time.   

Being aware and acknowledging it is a tough time and recognizing waves of sadness may engulf you at times will help you to mentally prepare for these ups and downs. 

Simply being aware begins to reprogram our mind and shifts us into a better place to ride the emotions out and move forward with our day. Leaving us in better place to manage our emotional wellness.



Practical Tips on how to Deal with Sadness In the Moment

So what do you do in the moment when that wave of sadness hits? 

1. Consciously notice it. Acknowledge it. Literally name the feeling you are having out loud or in your head.


2. Sit with the feeling for a bit. I know it can be uncomfortable. But just let yourself feel it.


3. Cry if you need to. Don’t hold it in. Let it out. Seriously. Ugly cry it out. You will feel better releasing it from your body. 


4. If you have someone supportive around - let them know you are feeling sad. Ask them for a hug. Never underestimate the power of a good hug; of human connection.   


5. Take some deep intentional breaths. Breathe in for 5. Hold for 5. Breathe out for 5. 


6. Consciously choose to shift your mind once you have felt the emotion  (This is KEY)! Focus on something you are either grateful for or think of something or someone you love.


7. Try and get outside for a quick walk or just breathe in some fresh air. Bonus - If you are close to nature - make an effort to go into it. 


8. Repeat as needed and know there will be more waves. This is normal. 


Each time you become aware of these waves of emotion you are choosing your response and reprogramming your reactions so you can move forward rather then get stuck in the funk. 

Taking care of our mental health starts with awareness.   

Knowing you are not alone, being aware of these emotions and having a mental plan in place will help you to ride the waves that we all feel.   


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* Although we all experience sadness, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm at times, if you believe that you may be struggling with depression and/or anxiety I encourage you to speak with your doctor about this. For example feelings of hopelessness and sadness that persist past a reasonable adjustment period, inability to function, or feelings of wanting to hurt yourself or your family are NOT normal and should be discussed with your Dr.*








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