10 Healthy Habits of Happy Women

conscious parenting emotional wellbeing Apr 30, 2020
10 Healthy Habits of Happy Women


Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they seem so happy? So balanced? So aligned with life?

It is like they know something you don’t.

The thing is, there is no secret to being happy – it is simply a choice.

People who are genuinely happy in their lives made the conscious choice to choose happiness and you can to.

By adding some of these healthy habits into your life you too can start living a happier and fulfilled life. These simple internal shifts in mindset will change your life.


10 Habits of Happy Women


  1. They are mindful of their mental health

They are aware of their emotional wellness and the impact this has on all aspects of their lives. They invest in themselves – whether it be going to therapy to get over their baggage, signing up for wellness courses or doing activities which bring them joy.



  1. They accept themselves

I know so many people say you have to love yourself unconditionally – but for many women even thinking of fully loving themselves is so foreign that it is hard to get started. However happy women learn to accept themselves for who they are. Inside and out. Self-love is a journey – but they are willing to engage on the journey and to keep learning to love themselves.



  1. They try not to play the compare game

“Keeping up to the Jones” is a saying because so many people do it. It is soooo easy to compare in every aspect of our lives and having social media makes it that much more difficult. Happy women realize they are on their own journey and their path and definition of happiness may be different than others and that is okay. As Eleanor Roosevelt said “comparison is the thief of joy”.



  1. They mentally declutter their lives

They consciously declutter their minds.  Just as people declutter their house - they make sure to declutter their minds. There are many ways you can do this from cleaning up emails, unfollowing negative people and disconnecting.


  1. They set healthy boundaries

Happy women learn to set healthy boundaries – with loved ones, work, family and activities. They acknowledge they do not have to be everything to everyone and make sure that people know their boundaries are there. Don’t want to go out that night because you need some self care – then don’t.



  1. They surround themselves with people who lift them up rather than put them down

Happy women cut toxic people out of their lives. Or if they are not able to; they learn to keep a healthy distance. Then they surround themselves with people who give them energy versus drain their energy.  



  1. They realize TIME is their greatest asset

Happy women say no more than they say yes. They recognize that time is the greatest asset in the world and they protect their time like no other. They learn to say no to stuff they know will suck their time and energy and yes to stuff that increases their energy and brings them happiness.



  1. They set intentions for their lives

Happy women plan and create their future. They understand they are the creator of their lives and take aligned action by creating intentions and life goals. They relish in the present while still aligning and getting excited for the future.

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  1. They practice self-care from within

They recognize self-care goes way deeper than a spa day, vacation or getting their nails done. They recognize self-care needs to be done form within. By engaging in activities like mindfulness, meditation and yoga, they are able to engage in self-care anytime anywhere. They have re-defined what self-care looks like. 



  1. They embrace a growth mindset

Happy women embrace a growth mindset and chase their curiosity. They are open to learning new ideas, theories and ways of living. They seek out opportunities to learn and grow versus staying stuck in their beliefs.


Being happy is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be.

I know our world can be a scary, frustrating, overwhelming place sometimes. And it can be easy to get stuck in patterns, in belief systems and in the monotony of life and routine. The thing is, you can choose to be happy and how you view life and create life.

By taking small steps into awareness and consciousness you are going to find yourself being happier.

Self-empowerment is the new sexy.


You are so much stronger than you know, 



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