How to Make a Vision Board without Magazines

vision board Nov 24, 2022
vision boarding tips and ideas. Create a vision board without magazines. Vision board printables  and vision board ideas so you can create a vision board that works.

Creating a vision board is an effective way to visualize your goals and keep yourself motivated. It doesn't require much effort or money, and you can use any type of paper to create it.


When most people think of how to create a vision board, they think instantly of magazine cut outs on Bristol board. 


But perhaps, some people are deterred from making a vision board because 

  1. They feel they are not crafty, and 
  2. They have no magazines anymore! 


The thing is, there are so many places to find images and words for your vision board. Keep reading to check out this handy-dandy list to get your brain thinking about where you can get the images for your board



Option #1 - Magazines

I know this article is about creating a visionary board without magazines… however, I wanted to touch on magazines, just in case you still want to use them - but don’t have any!  Here are some creative ways you can get some: 

  • Buying them - purchase magazines on targeted topics that you want on your vision board - for example travel magazines, fitness magazines, or business magazines.
  • Checking your local free papers and flyers - often they may have words or images that are similar to magazines - especially around holidays when stores put out shopping guides!  
  • Ask at your Doctor’s or Dentist’s office if they have any old magazines they are not using anymore
  • Go thrifting - often goodwill and thrift stores will have magazines at very cheap prices
  • Check out Ebay or Etsy - often there are stacked bundle deals for certain magazines. 
  • Ask Friends - put a post on social media or reach out to some friends asking if they have any old magazines they are not longer using

Option #2 - Personal Photos you have

I love using personal photos on my vision board. Seeing a photo of my daughters up there or my friends, not only evokes a strong feeling of love and high vibrational energy, it also reminds me of why I want my vision to come true. Sometimes I also will cut a picture of my head and put it onto a person speaking on stage or someone’s body that I want. Get creative here! 

Option #3 - Online

There are so many free photo sites online. Do a quick google search and often you can find photos that you can use for your board for free. Using CANVA is a great option as they have a free version and you can simply search through there huge photobase. Other sites like Shutterstock, Pexels, Creative Market… are super helpful as well. At some points I’ve even screen-shot photos and sent them to a printer (however beware that the quality is definitely less than when doing this option). I love looking online as I can find specific images and ideas that evoke emotions in me and represent my dream and goals. 

Option #4 - Printable Vision Board Kits

Did you know that you can find pre-curated vision board printables  online?? WHAT!  Often for a very reasonable price (usually less than what a few magazines cost) that you can print directly at home or send to a printer for quite cheap? YUP. This option is also amazing - Especially if you are short on time or you are hosting a vision board party or doing a group get together. It gives you tons of options that you can print off and use this year or next year!  


Then Check out some specific vision board kits that I have created. Click here to view all my vision board printable kits! 



Option #5 - Using Affirmations and Quotes for your visualization board

  • There are quotes everywhere on the internet. Do a search of the type of quote you are looking for, copy it into a word doc, change the font, and print. VOILA. You have the words you want for your board. Some people even like to make vision boards that are only words - however, as per all the learning you have done about the science of visualization, I really would recommend using photos and words! 

Option #6 - Create a digital Vision Board

  • Everything is digital these days, so creating a digital vision board is a great idea for someone who prefers things digital. I actually do both - a paper vision board for my house and a digital board for my phone! There are many ways to create a digital board. There are my top recommendations: 
    • CANVA VISION BOARD: Create a collage using Canva. Canva has a free option that allows you to pick certain photos for free and use some of their templates. This is a great option to create a professional looking vision board that you can create in a very short amount of time, download and save anywhere you want! Best thing is you can also upload some of your favourite pictures to add to it!



  • PINTEREST VISION BOARD: Create a “Life Vision Pinterest Board” - I love doing this. Simply create a secret board, for your eyes only, and save all the images and visuals that evoke an emotion in you and align with your vision that you care about. The key here is to remember to look at it every so often! IF you love Pinterest - follow along - Pinterest is my JAM. I LOVE it and often post on Pinterest as it is my FAVOURITE platform. LET’s be FRIENDS - Click here to follow me on Pinterest! 


  • SMART PHONE VISION BOARD - Create a collage using your Smartphone. There are a ton of photo collage apps online. Download one and add the photos you want. This is much more visual with less words, however a super simple option to get you started! 

Option #7 - Draw it!

  • Something you want on your board but you cannot find the image… have some creative drawing experience? Draw it!



Option #8 - Take your own photos 

  • Smartphone cameras are amazing. Take some photos of things that resonate with you. See a cool billboard ad on your way to work? Take a photo of it and use it on your board. The sky is the limit. Although this may take longer to collect images, it is definitely a way to do it, or at least find a few photos that really resonate with you! 

Option #9 - Old Books

  •  check out your local library and do some photocopying, or picture taking of photos that you like, words that you see etc. Again this is a more time consuming way of going about it, but again, you never know what inspiration you will find in the library! Especially in some of the fashion and travel areas….! 

I hope these tips on how to create a vision board without magazines helps you get inspired to create your vision board for the year ahead! 

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Thanks for stopping by, Leave me a comment if you have any other ideas to add! 


Happy vision boarding! 



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