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Why Online Businesses Need Pinterest and Tailwind Create

Did you know that the online education industry is projected to be over 375 BILLION by 2026?


With the world turning more and more to online education,  we are entering an automated revolution. So if you have been thinking about starting your online business, or have already started it but are needing to gain some traction - NOW IS THE TIME. 

One of the FASTEST ways I have grown my following, website visits, email opt-ins and sales is with Pinterest. 

Pinterest is my #1 source for almost all of my traffic and it is FREE. 

This is just a Public Service Announcement that if you are building your online business in 2021 and beyond then you NEED to get on Pinterest. 

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. I was also compensated to create this post, though all opinions are my own.


Why Every Online Entrepreneur Needs to Market on Pinterest

↠ Pinterest is like Google for people who are looking for inspiration and ready to spend. 

↠ Pinterest has over 400 MILLION monthly active users. 400 MILLION!!!  With Generation Z, Millennials driving the growth and looking to buy. 

↠ Pinterest is NOT a social media site it is a SEARCH ENGINE. Do you know how hard it can be to get someone to click off social media sites like Instagram or Facebook? Why? Because those are SOCIAL platforms, people go to watch and mindlessly scroll...they are not usually in active buying mode. Whereas Pinterest they are SEARCHING for something specific. 

↠ Pinterest is designed to lead customers off of Pinterest and to your website or product. 

↠ Pinterest is a positive space that encourages people to explore their hobbies, their personal development and creative endeavors. 

These are just to name a few of the awesome benefits of utilizing Pinterest in your business. 

Que the Objections….

But Pinterest seems like a lot of work and takes so much time…

I thought this too when I first started and it is the most common objection I hear about Pinterest. People find it a tad time consuming or overwhelming when first starting out. 

The thing is, any platform you are new to will have a learning curve until you are comfortable on it. Go re-read those facts about Pinterest again... doesn't it seem like the learning curve will be worth it? 

The GREAT NEWS? With the right tools and a simple strategy you can start seeing phenomenal results on this platform. 

The TOP TOOL I recommend for any business getting started on Pinterest or wanting to save time on making pins is investing in Tailwind. There are two options I use in my business that has helped me reach consistent monthly Pinterest views of 700,000 - 1 Million over the past 7 months. They are Tailwind Plus and  the NEW Tailwind Create.  These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members by clicking here. 


TAILWIND PLUS: When I started on Pinterest I invested in Tailwind Plus which is an amazing tool that helps you schedule all your pins and you can ‘set it and forget it’ - literally driving traffic to your site for weeks at a time as you focused on other aspects of building your business. Want to try it out?  When you sign up for a free trial you can post 100 schedule pins before you need to purchase anything. And the best part? No Credit Card required when you sign up!  Using Tailwind Plus has allowed me to dedicate a few hours a month to scheduling all my pins and saving me so much time.  Click here to sign up for your free trial today - no credit card required! 


But wait!! 


Just when I thought my Pinterest strategy could not get more easy - Tailwind went and created the new and exciting Tailwind Create. OMG - seriously… I thought Tailwind Plus saved me time?? Well Tailwind Create just gave me back another 10+ hours a month with this new innovative application. 


TAILWIND CREATE - In a nutshell, Tailwind Create is a platform within Tailwind where you can plug in the link to the content you want to promote, upload photos (or choose stock photos), add in a title and have HUNDREDS of designs generated at the click of a button. From there you simply go in and adjust accordingly and choose your favs. The best part - it then links up to your Tailwind Plus account and you can go schedule - no need to download images, upload images and waste your valuable time on the techy side of making all apps work together.  

Below are the Top reasons why I LOVE tailwind Create and why you should check it out too! 

You don’t have to have any design experience to look like a PRO. The quality is at least as high (higher) than what I would make on my own, or even what I get when I use a VA

This allows me to streamline my Pinterest workflow for the fastest creation, publishing, and analysis available anywhere. I’ll never waste another minute downloading, organizing, or uploading my Pins!

I can go from idea to Pin in 30 seconds. I love entering my URL, choosing images, and then immediately seeing hundreds of Pin variations!

Every image is unique and made just for you. You can generate, personalize, and fine tune Pins to drive traffic to your new and old content.

These are just a few of the reasons why I love using Tailwind Create in my Pinterest strategy. And even better - Tailwind is a verified partner to Pinterest and Instagram!! WHAT?? So no sketchiness over thoughts of using a third part application to help build your business on two of the most powerful platforms on the internet. The only thing you need to know about Tailwind Create is that you must first sign up for Tailwind Plus then request access to this phenomenal program - trust me it is WORTH IT! There is a free option and a paid option which is separate from Tailwind's other offerings.  


Not sold yet on utilizing Pinterest and Tailwind together just yet?

Maybe you are still primarily promoting on Instagram but wanting to save time there? Well Tailwind can help you out there too! I suggest starting with Tailwind for Instagram. 


Yes, Tailwind is also a verified partner for Instagram and can help you easily schedule and plan all of your Instagram squares and stories!! 


TAILWIND FOR INSTAGRAM - If you want to solely focus on Instagram right now, versus jumping head in with Pinterest - then Tailwind offers you the opportunity to schedule your Instagram posts and Stories so you can ‘set and forget’ and focus on being social versus stressing over what to say next. As someone who has always been a bit intimidated by Instagram - having the ability to sit down and spend about 1-2 hours scheduling Instagram posts has saved me so much time, decreased my ‘posting anxiety’ and allows me to focus on other aspects of my business while still showing up online and being social!

Even better news you can also auto-post to Facebook - Double whammy!!  If you want to try it out, Tailwind lets you schedule your first 30 posts for free!!  Please note that signing up for Tailwind for Instagram and Tailwind for Pinterest are two separate costs. You can learn more at their website to see what is the best fit for you at this point in your online entrepreneurial journey. 


Investing in Tailwind has been one of the best decisions I have made in my online journey. If you are interested in learning more I highly recommend signing up for your free trial of Tailwind today and see how you like it!! 


Know someone who wants to save time in their business? Share the news and Pin this to help others on their Entrepreneurial Journey! 


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