Biophilic Lighting Design Ideas for your Biophilic Home

biophilic design May 04, 2022
Biophilic Lighting Design for your home. Biophilic lighting inspiration. What is biophilic design? How to bring biophilic design into your home. Photos of lights from etsy shop. Shop the look.

Do your lights need an upgrade? 


Biophilic lighting design is a very important part of biophilic design. 


Incorporating a lot of natural light into your sacred spaces not only saves on electrical costs (and helps the planet) but it also enhances our connection to the natural world.


In addition to opening up those curtains, if you are in an area where this is not possible all the time, or you want to even go further with your biophilic home design, then I encourage you to think about biophilic lighting design and lighting fixtures that mimic nature and have a biophilic aesthetic, like the ones below!


I love love love a beautiful statement light piece and these pieces curated from local small businesses on Etsy are drool worthy.  


This post contains some affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, I may make a small commission, with no extra cost to you. Please find more details here. 

Add a touch of wood with these gorgeous biophilic light fixtures!

The Secret Wood lamp - by Sonliner on Etsy


Biophilic lighting - The Circus 900 Extra Large Ceiling Lights - By Sonliner on Etsy


Biophilic lighting - Wooden lamp "The Secret 750" / pendant light - By Sonliner on Etsy


Biophilic lighting -  Wood Pendant Light - by Dezaart on Etsy


Bring Nature indoors with lights that mimics object in NatureBiophilic lighting -  unique branch light by SanojaSanskritiCo on Etsy


 Biophilic lighting -  ROOTS Collection - by FMFO on Etsy



 Biophilic lighting -  Roots in Circle Large - By FMFO on Esty

 Biophilic lighting -  
 Biophilic lighting -  Luxury Italian blue color hand-blown murano glass LED chandelieby SanojaSanskritiCo on Etsy


Add in different shapes to get a textured and Geometric look for your Biophilic Lighting Design  

Biophilic lighting -   rattan pendent - by VietmadeHomeArt on Etsy


 Biophilic lighting -  bamboo pendent light - by VietmadeHomeArt on Etsy


 Biophilic lighting -  Ceramic Pendent Light Hanging by 


 Biophilic lighting -  

  Biophilic lighting -  



 Biophilic lighting -  Firefly Stylish Tree Branch Lamp


Whatever lighting you choose for your biophilic decor, be sure it is something that makes you smile every time you see it. 


When decorating our sacred spaces, we want to choose pieces that LIGHT us up. There is no right or wrong... just do you. choose what brings you happiness and invest in something that will make you smile every time you see it! 


This post contains some affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, I may make a small commission, with no extra cost to you. Please find more details here


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