4 Steps to Easily Define your Personal Core Values in 30 minutes

intentional living Sep 07, 2022
Defining your Personal Core Values is a powerful exercise to help give you direction in life. In this blog post you will learn What does core values mean? What are the core values? How to uncover your core personal values. With free personal values lists of over 150 personal values examples, this is your all in one guide to defining your core values.

Determine Your Core Values of Life + Free List of Core Personal Values


Have you ever sat down and defined your core  values of life?

I mean, really sat down and defined your top 3-5 core personal values that guide your life? 

Yes, you probably know that you value health, honesty, family, integrity, authenticity, friendship, and work ethic - but are you living by them? 


And have you ever thought of getting more clarity on core personal values that really resonate with your heart and your soul? 


By getting clear on what your core values are in life you will begin to be able to live a more intentional life, be able to make decisions with more clarity, be able to say yes to things that align with your values and not feel guilty about saying no to things that do not. 


So if you have never sat down and took the time to define your personal values then this is the article for you. Ready to jump right in? Check out this free core values lists with personal core values examples. 

What are Personal Core Values? 

Core personal values are fundamental beliefs that guide our actions and help us to determine what is important to us.  


Core personal values are like our own personal  North Star that guides our decision making.  


Core personal values are the core of our belief systems, what we stand for and how we show up everyday - moment by moment. 


Core personal values describe qualities that we embody to which help us to live a more intentional and meaningful life. 


Core personal values help us define what we stand for and guide us in taking intentional action towards our dream life. 

Why You Need to Know Your Core Values


If you think of the analogy of  building a house - you always build a foundation first. 


Core personal values are like the foundations of how you live your life. 


Yet, like so many life skills, many of us were never taught these things in school even though they are the FOUNDATION for our lives. For our happiness and for our future. 


Defining your values gives you clarity and is a FOUNDATION for living a more joyful and aligned life. Because, until we actually sit down and get clarity on them, we will continue to feel lost. 


Once you know your values, you can begin feeling more confident saying yes or no to opportunities, relationships, situations, careers, activities. 


Once I named my values, I was able to begin to make better decisions for myself, for what I stood for and finally expel toxicity out of my that was no longer serving me. 


Knowing your values is one of the most powerful exercises you can do for yourself as you grow through life. If you are ready to define your values - get your free worksheet HERE. 

How to Define Your Core Values of Life


Defining your personal core values does not have to be hard, tedious or over thought. 


So many people think of doing this exercise and view it as a chore. However I want you to challenge this thought - as defining your values is not a chore - but rather an exciting adventure where you get to delve into your life and get clarity on how you want to live it!

Below I have combined differing exercises I have done in both my personal and professional career into a framework that I find to be simple, easy to understand and takes you less than 20 minutes to complete.  

If you want to discover your core values of life and create your personal values list, then grab your FREE  list of personal values and Core Values Workbook by signing up HERE! 



Step One: Do some self reflection

Ask yourself what is important to you in life? What behaviours and traits do you admire in others? What makes you happy? What are you most proud of in your life? When reading stories online what inspires you? 


Step Two: Go Through the personal values lists and circle words that resonate with you.

You can find core values lists in this free workbook - or simply google list of values and you will get loads of results! 


Step Three: Group Similar Personal Core Values Together

You want to define 3-5 core personal values that really resonate with your heart. Looking at your list, start grouping together. 


Step Four: Choose the Word that Resonates The Most Out of the Groupings of Words

Within these groupings, choose a word - or create another word that resonates the most with you. Be creative here. It does not have to be a standard word on the list - but rather a word that gives you a feeling of YES - This is it!! This is important to me and resonates with who I am, who I want to be and How I want to show up in the world. 


Voila! You have just defined your personal core values.  


BONUS STEP: Once you have determined your  top 3-4 Core Personal Values -  write them Somewhere

I am a big proponent of having a journal where you write down everything to reflect on. This can be a manifesting journal, a dream journal, gratitude journal - whatever you want to call it…. Just have a personal reflection journal to write these things in! 

As you move forward your personal core values may shift slightly throughout life. Maybe another word resonates more, or as you have different life experiences you may shift your values slightly. 


Remember there is no right or wrong in doing this activity. It is deeply personal and should feel right to you. 


If you are wanting more guidance then please feel free to download this free workbook to walk you through this exercise to help you define your personal core values today. 


Do you have any questions? What are your personal values? Drop a comment below and let me know. 




Lora D 


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