10 Creative New Year Resolutions you will Actually Keep!

intentional living Nov 16, 2019
Tired of the new year resolutions from years gone by? Check out these 10 Creative new year resolutions that are healthy, holistic and achievable! Learn how to keep new year resolutions with a printable new year resolutions worksheets. It is time to make a better life this year. Click to learn more.

Learn About New Year Resolutions and How to Set Creative New Year Resolutions This Year! 

Ready to change things up this year? If you are here you are probably googling about new year resolutions, wondering if creating a new year resolutions is worth it, and if so, how the heck to keep the new year resolutions you create. 


The past few years have been.... unbelievable, unimaginable, a blessing.... a curse... however you have seen and experienced the past few years, the disruption in our lives have shown so many people it is time to start looking figuring out how to make a better life.

This year, let’s ditch the stereotypical New Year Resolutions (that 92% of us never even follow through on) and change things up for 2022! 

Instead of being vanilla and making the most popular new year resolutions:

“I’m going to lose 20 lbs”;
"I’m going to eat a no carbs, no sugar, no anything-but-air-diet”;
“I’m going to exercise 5 days a week and get that 6 pack this year”

Only to find ourselves knuckle deep in ice cream wallowing in self-depreciating thoughts because it’s day 5, we already “cheated”, are doomed to fail...so-why-even-try cycle.

 Let’s instead switch up our personal goal setting game and look at what REALLY matters.

 Here are 10 creative new year resolutions to incorporate into your 'new year's resolutions' that will actually be sustainable, attainable and maintainable. 

Before we dive in.

If you are interested in learning how to how to make a better life for yourself, this year then check out this free printable goal setting worksheet 

The New Year Resolutions You Will Want to Keep. 10 Creative New Year Resolutions Ideas 


1. Invest in Yourself

We are in a time where there is a wealth of education and knowledge at the tips of our fingertips. Just because we have a degree, a secure 9-5 job, doesn’t mean we should ever stop learning. Cut out 20 minutes of mindless social media scrolling for 20 minutes of Googling a topic that intrigues you. See where the rabbit hole takes you, I am sure you will be thankful you did.


2. Practice Gratitude for Your Body

Instead of setting a goal to diet or lose weight, make the mind-shift to begin saying thank you to your body. Your legs for walking you places, your heart for pumping blood through your body, your brain for learning, your fingers for typing, your eyes for seeing, your arms for hugging. Your stomach for breaking down food to give you fuel each day. We have abused our bodies enough. It’s time to say thank you.  


3. Learn How to Use Your Breath

Emotional and mental wellness should be one of the core aspects everyone should focus on in 2021. You don’t need to be a Yogi, a meditation master or a monk to use your breathe to calm down, re-align and relax. It is one of the simplest grounding exercises we can do in our day without anyone even know we are doing it. Begin to learn how to notice your breathe and stopping to take 5 breathes during the day and just focusing on that. 


4. Declutter your Mind

We all know that removing excessive physical items from our lives can have profound effects on our health, now it is time to focus on minimalism for our minds. Mental clutter takes up valuable space worrying when we could be enjoying. This year take time to do a mental declutter.  By embracing a more minimalist mindset you can begin to see what is and what is not important in your life


5. View Time as Your Currency

Yes, most of us require money to survive. But at what cost? Take a step back and look at what you are trading your time for. Everyone tells us time goes too fast. So I think it’s about time we listen to what everyone is saying and begin re-evaluating how we use our time. It is our most valuable asset.


6. Learn How to Better Manage + Accept your Emotions

Emotions play such a larger part in our lives than we ever thought. Quit fighting them. Learning how to begin to notice your emotions and how to effectively accept, feel them and let them pass will have a profound effect on your happiness. Emotions are not bad. They just are.


7. Give More Hugs

Seriously – the world is having a connection crisis. I know COIVD is not helping with the connection piece right now.... but if you have someone you love you can hug... do it. There is something about connecting in a hug with someone is one of the most powerful things we can do. In a world that our family connections can be spread across continents we are needing this more than ever. So when you do get those hugs from the ones you love, squeeze a little tighter, hold on a little longer and just connect.


8. See The World Through a Child’s Eyes

It is easy to get wrapped up in what is wrong in our world. Try and catch yourself and begin to look at the small thing through the eyes of a child – with wonder and awe. With an opportunity to learn and have fun instead of worrying, judging or being fearful. Begin to be intentionally mindful. 


9. Smile and Make Eye Contact with Others

Never underestimate the power of a smile and a second of connection. In a world where we are glued to screens, take a moment to look at someone and smile. Even through the COVID masks, your eyes and energy change when you smile. We need it, now more than ever. 


10. Be Courageous – It is Contagious

Think of a time you did something you didn’t think you could do and you did. Remember that feeling? You need more of that. Be conscious of times where you need to be courageous and conjure up those feelings and go for it! Life is too long not to be courageous.


As we head on into 2022, uncertain of what lies ahead, but certain that we have to make some internal shifts, it is the perfect time to create your 2022 Life Vision and start focusing on what really matters in life.

What 1-2 actions do you want to take this year? Leave a comment below - committing and writing it down is one of the first steps!


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