Top 11 Plant Decor Propagation Stations for Under $40

biophilic design May 24, 2022
Looking to spruce up your biophilic home decor? Love houseplants, but not the price? Learn how to combine your biophilc design ideas with plant propagation stations to make your home more biophilic all the while saving you money! Discover 11 Plant Decor Propagation Stations under $40


I love incorporating propagation stations into my biophilic decor. 

It is so easy, creates more plants for your to either give away to friends and family, to sell on Facebook marketplace or to plant elsewhere in your home! 

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What is a Propagation Station? 

A propagation station is simply a place where you take plant cuttings, place them in water (or soil); however I prefer the look of water, and grow more plants! 


How to Use Propagation Stations in your Biophilic Decor

I am a big fan of house plants and sharing my plants with others! I am also a big fan of biophilic decor. Not sure what Biophilic Decor is - then read this post!


I utilize propagation stations into my home decor and regularly update the plants which I am propagating depending on the time of year, what plants I want and what feel I am going for. Want a sneak peek into my kitchen nook - check out this idea pin here! 


Today I wanted to share my top 10 favourite propagations plant decor ideas for your home! And guess what they are all under $40! 


This post contains some affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, I may make a small commission, with no extra cost to you. Please find more details here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Let's dive right in! 


Propagation Terrariums

ummm yes! love these geometric shapes, love that you can hang them at varying lengths and love that they are a sustainable decor idea. And the price - is spot on!! 


Ivolador Terrarium Container Flower Planter Hanging Glass for Hydroponic Plants Home Garden Decor -3 Type


This is a similar idea however you can hang them on your wall. I really like that the opening is slightly larger and easier to clean. Also love the geometric shapes! 


Kingbuy Wall Hanging Planter Glass Terrarium Propagation Geometric Hexagon Shape Vase for Home Office Decor, 3 Pack, Large



Want a funkier art-deco look? Go for these adorable light bulb hanging terrariums. 



Kingbuy Glass Hanging Planter Light Bulbs Vase Terrarium Container with Strings for Propagation Hydroponic Plants Home Garden Decor, 3 Pack



Want something for longer stemmed plants? or to display flowers? These are perfect! 




Sziqiqi Glass Propagation Station Test Tube Vases Clear Glass for Cuttings, Buds, Greenery Hydroponic Plant Propagation Home Balcony Bath Wall Decoration Floral Container Set of 3 Black



I don't know about you, but seeing all these beautiful roots makes my heart so happy. Get a larger container for monseteras of pothos plants and keep them as decor for much longer! 



DOKIMIYA Wall Hanging Glass Planter - Cylinder Shaped Plant Terrarium Container Propagation Station for Indoor Hydroponic Plants Home Office Garden Decor, 4 Pack



How about these? 




FRGOFL Propagation Plant Stations with Terrarium, Wooden Stand and Retro Wall Hanging Tassel Lanyard for Propagating Hydroponic Plants Flowers Home Office Garden Decor, 2 Tiered, 6 Bulb Glass Vase



I love the Oblate Shape of these. Think of adding beach rocks, seaglass or other items in the bottome to make it your own! 


2 Pack Terrariums Container Flower Planter Hanging Glass for Hydroponic Plants Home Garden,Home Office Living Room Decor,Oblate Shape




Perfect for your home office decor! These can sit anywhere you like. 

Yangbaga Wall Mounted Hanging Planter 9Test Tubes, Terrarium Planter Vase Kit with Wooden Stand for Propagating Hydroponic Plants-for Office Home Wedding Garden Decoration 2pcs


I like that this one comes with 2 stations. 


2 Pieces Propagation Planters Glass Test Tube Flower Vase Plant Propagate Station Glass Planters Wall Hanging Propagation Planter Tube 3 Tiered Modern Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand for Decor (18)


Last but not least - this one even incorporates lights.... 


MYFINCA Propagation Stations Wall Hanging Planter Terrarium with LED Lights & Wooden Stand Propogation Planters Glass Tube Vase for Hydroponic Plant Cutting Flower, Home Decor (3Tier & 16Tubes)


These little beauties are also up there with some of my favourite ones. They hand easily along my kitchen nook, are easy to clean and add that touch of biophilic decor that I love!  


GEOLUX 6-Pack Wall Hanging Planters Glass Terrariums - Round Air Plants Wall Containers Succulents Globe Orbs (4.7 x 4.7 Inches)



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