Easily Create Your Vision Board in 7 Simple Steps. 

vision board Aug 25, 2022
Vision board ideas and vision board inspiration. Learn exactly what a vision board is and how to create your vision board for 2023. Learn these vision board tips + you will understand why vision boards are such a powerful goal setting. You will get amazing vision board inspiration with vision board examples to help you craft your epic visualization board

Vision Boards: Your Ultimate Vision Board Guide to Create Your Life Vision

What is a vision board exactly? What are some vision board ideas or examples of a vision boards? If you have ever heard the term vision board and wondered what the heck it is, then check out this post for some amazing vision board inspiration!  I am going to give you the lowdown on ideas for vision boards, words for vision boards and walk you through exactly why you need a vision board and how to make your vision board! 


What is a Vision Board

  • A Vision board or visualization board is a physical and visual representation of photos, magazine clippings,  words, affirmations, phrases and quotes that represent your life vision. 
  • A vision board takes all of your hopes and dreams for your future self and puts them on display in a cohesive and artistic way for you to stay intentional towards your goals.  
  • It is a powerful way to get aligned with your life vision, stay intentional about your goals and a tool in your personal energetic toolkit to activate the law of attraction into your life. 


What Does A Vision Board Do? 

What does a vision board do? Well, a vision board is not a magical piece of paper that is “poof” going to make all your dreams come true.

However, it is a powerful way to continue to keep your goals and future life vision in focus as you move through your day to day life and make intentional decisions each day. 

  • Vision boards remind you of how you want to live your life, what you are striving for in life and keeps you aligned with your dreams. 
  • Visions boards help to keep your intentions prioritized. 
  • Vision boards are a creative outlet for your dreams. It is a positive and soulful way to spend some time on you. 


Convinced already since reading this far that you NEED a VISION BOARD in your life? Then click HERE to learn more about my signature brain based vision board course! 


Why Use a Vision Board?

Well there are many reasons why I think everyone should use a vision board, however there are also scientific reasons for it as well. 

Did you know world class athletes, Olympic Athletes and Professional Athletes  use visualization and mental imagery as part of their training? 

Yup. They do. 

Because the psychology behind visualizing what you want (and combining it with aligned action) is so powerful that if you are not using it, you are losing out. 

A vision bord is part of this visualization process and a physical affirmation of your desires. 


I use a vision board as part of my emotional health toolkit. 

For me, 

Visualization boards are an important part of my yearly goal setting process. In addition to setting my intentions for the year (don’t know how to? Check out this link) I then create a visual imagery of what I want in the next year. 


Creating a visual board is also therapeutic for me. I have always loved to craft and make things, so combining my love for personal development as well as my crafty side = a win win. I have come to thoroughly enjoy the whole process of allowing myself to dream up what is next in my life, then finding imagery and words that align to create a ‘mood board’ of sorts for my next chapter of my life. 


Creating a visionary board is an artistic outlet for me. On top of being therapeutic for me, it is also an artistic outlet for me. Being a Mother to 2 small young children means I have much less time for my hobbies and artistic outlets. Vision boarding lets me Super-Mom multi task by creating goals and having an artistic outlet. 


Creating a vision board solidifies my intentions and goals for the year. It is one more way I am subconsciously planting the seeds into my head. By physically writing them out when I set my intentions and then creating a powerful and aligned visual affirmation, I continue to tell my subconscious mind what I want to create. 


Looking at my visionary board regularly keeps me motivated when I am starting to feel a little down, and also is a reminder of which direction I want to continue in. It helps me keep those new habits and gets me over the roadblocks when they arise. 


It puts me in the EMOTIONS of how I want to show up each day in the now, and helps me make intentional and aligned decisions that are right for the path I want to go on. If you have ever had to make a difficult life decision - having a visualization board helps guide you and intuitively remind you of where you want to be headed - which in turn, helps you make difficult decisions with more confidence. 



Do Vision Boards Actually Work?

Vision boards are a powerful tool in your self development and goal setting toolkit. There are continuous and ongoing studies of how powerful our minds are  and how our subconscious beliefs help to shape our future reality. 

Whether or not you think this is ‘woo woo’ or not, this stuff work, IF you learn how to do it properly along with taking the aligned action. 

Even though I love the book the Secret;  sometimes, I find it gets a bad rap for making people think if they can just think very hard on what they want that “POOF” it appears…. 


Well it is not quite so. However…. As part of your bigger overall goal setting strategy, a vision board is a super powerful tool. 

The reasons I LOVE making a Life Vision Bord as well as yearly vision boards is because: 

  • Vision boards act as a compass or North Star towards our ideal life. Helping us to stay focused and intentional about our decisions and daily actions. 
  • Vision boards give your life more clarity
  • Vision boards are an artistic outlet
  • Vision boards are therapeutic
  • Vision boards are  a visual affirmation of what we want in life. 
  • Vision boards let you dream like a kid again
  • Vision boards rekindle your curiosity and excitement back into life 
  • Vision boards are an amazing way to see how far you have come (I still save all my boards and am always amazed at where I was to where I am now - which was pretty darn near close to what I had on each vision board). 
  • My vision board reminds me of the lifestyle I want to live, the person I want to Be, the things I want to DO and what I want to HAVE. 


Creating a vision board it not going to make your life instantly better. However, it is a HUGE step and a HUGE part of your goal setting process. Taking the power back into your hands to give yourself the time and self-love to stop and figure out “Hey what the heck do I want in my Life? How do I want my life to look like?” is super, super empowering.

With the rise of social media, it is easy to get caught up in what we “should” be doing with our lives. Taking the time to hit pause on the ‘auto-pilot’ mode and take the control back reminds us that we can create the life we desire with a little planning, a little intentional action and awareness to the possibilities.  

Ideas for Vision Board

There are so many different examples vision boardsyou can make, depending on what you really want to focus on.


Personally I love creating a Life Vision that is my 51-10 year life vision and then I like to create a yearly vision board each year or two. Want more examples of a vision board? Then read the post here! 


This is your process, so do what feels right for you! You can combine areas of life, combine 2-3 you really want to focus on, or just one! The sky is the limit. You do You! Here are some ideas for vision boards. 

Create a: 

  • Vision board for the year ahead
  • Vision board for Overall Life Vision (5,10,20 year visions)
  • Vision board for weight loss and health
  • Vision board for couples
  • Vision board for business
  • Vision board for students
  • Vision board for College
  • Vision board for kids

Do you have any vision board ideas to add?  Want to read more about each of these visionary board ideas? Then check out 11 of my top vision board ideas for more information


What Do You Need to Make A Vision Board? 

What should a vision board contain?  What do I need when vision boarding? A vision board should contain the visuals - whether photos or words that resonate with your life vision. To get you started here is a list of physical materials that you can use if you are choosing to create a tangible vision board (versus digital vision board). 

Before we get into the nitty gritties... If you want a step by step method to create a powerful vision board that actually works (It is based on science! Then check out my Signature Vision Board Workshop here! 

Let's get vision boarding:



Poster board, cork board or some sort of ‘base’ for your board

Coloured copy of this guide (specifically the photos, words and graphics section)

Additional images and words (optional), from magazines, artworks, old books, or pulled from the internet)


Glue sticks

Paper and pen

Painters tape (optional) helps when laying out your vision for your board - can easily move around without losing all the work you did

Embellishments (optional), such as Sharpies, paint, glitter, or sequins, ribbons, stickers

Modge Podge (optional) used a finish to keep you board for years to come

Contact Paper (optional) another way to ‘seal’ your board

TIME NEEDED - 2-3 hours…. But it may take a few days as you sit on ideas, thoughts, etc. 



How to Make a Life Vision Vision Board

Wait Lora, how do you make a visual board? Where do I start? Let me share exactly how to.make a vision board.


1.Review your Core Values and have a life vision in mind…. 

Figure out what you really want. And I mean really want. Not what you think you “should” want; or what your parents want, or what social media tells you to want. 

Take the time to figure out what you want. Your unique personal lifetime vision. 


Technically, making your vision board can take about 3 hours…. However, for you to see significant growth in your life you need to understand these basics: 1. Knowing your 3-4 core personal values and 2. Having a vision for your life vision. 


For me, making my life vision board takes time.…. But I promise you, once you do this work, you will forever thank yourself and the months and years go by. 




Doing this fundamental work on understanding who you are at your core is a necessity in living a more intentional, aligned, present and happier life. 


So before you jump into vision boarding, I really recommend that you check out the following links to help you determine your core values and create your life vision. 

Once you know (and I mean really know) your core values as well as taking the time to carve out a vision for your life, you will be so far ahead in getting closer to your dream life as you are doing the foundational work of leaning into what makes YOU YOU! This work will never not be beneficial in your life. 


Please note for this particular post I am focusing on making a LIFE VISION Board. I also teach how to make a yearly vision board, however I strongly believe in having an overarching long term life vision board to keep all your yearly vision boards in alignment with your life vision. 

If you do not know your core values or life vision yet, I strongly suggest checking out my FREE CORE VALUES WORKBOOK here to define your core values and grab your free list of core personal values. 

** You want to have a clear vision of what you want your life to look like in 5,10, or even 20 years…. 


2. Create The Space. 

You want to be intentional when creating your life vision. I truly believe that when you do it in a physical and emotional space that is in alignment with the life you want to live, you are putting that much more ‘energy’ and ‘heart-centered’ vision’ into your life vision board. 


Physical Space:  Find a large enough space to spread out your board and materials. The image placement may take some time and unless you are using painters tape to mark where you want it, you do not want to have to ‘start over’ because you did not have the room. 

** If you do have a small space, I encourage you to tape on images with painters tape and tuck away all images in some sort of small box if this takes you some time to make and you need your space. 


Emotional Space: You want to create from a good energy place. You don't want to be doing this when you are in a very negative headspace. I encourage you to journal out before doing this if you are in a bad headspace try to shift your mindset before doing it. If you are totally not feeling it or getting frustrated, take a break and come back to it when you are feeling more in alignment. 

I don’t believe in being positive all the time, however when you do this exercise you want to be in a somewhat hopeful, future vision mindset to get you in that energy of excitement and alignment to get you on a higher frequency. 


3. Gather Materials 

What you need for a vision board can vary from person to person. Remember this is your unique vision board… you can do it however you want. To get you started, here are some material  vision board ideas to get you started. 

  • Paper, poster board or cork board for the base. Essentially something to physically attach your images to. I personally love just getting a poster board from the dollar store and cutting it to the desired size I want. 
  • Glue, clips or pins - for keeping your photos in place depending on what medium you decided for the base 
  • Markers, Pens, Paint, Stickers, Glitter gems, decals, colourful paper
  • Magazines, photos you have printed or any other type of media you will be getting your visuals from 
  • Scissors
  • Painters tape (optional)

4. Find  Vision Board Pictures and Vision Board Words 

Once you know your core values and overall life vision and are in a good head + heart space,  you want to find images and words that speak to you and represent your dream life. 

This is the fun part… 

I like to do this by  either purchasing premade vision board templates like this or simply searching the internet for images. I don’t know about you, but unfortunately I do not have many magazines any more, so I find searching the internet or vision board template kits helps me.  Want some Vision board examples? check out this post here.


I usually will print my pictures at home if I have ink, or send them online somewhere to get printed. My finished goal boards include a mix of magazine images, pictures that I print from the internet, and words. 


I really like to put my core values on the board. 

I like to also capture images that reflect what I want my life to look like. 

Find visual elements and words or phrases that speak to you. You want the visual aspects of the board to connect with.  


Need some help getting started? Check out my Step-by-Step Brain Based Vision Board Workshop here!



5. Create a Structure for your Life Vision board

Divide your vision board into sections of your life… some main ideas that I focus on are: 

  • Relationships - self/others
  • Mind/emotions
  • Physical health 
  • Career /business
  • Financials
  • Physical space
  • Spiritual
  • Social

A LIFE VISION board focuses on my intentions for my life. It is not so much focused on exact goals, but rather the outline of what I really want in my life. 

For example I want a house, I want to live near the ocean, I want 2 children, my partner, a carrer that gives me time and financial freedom, savings in the bank, good health etc. 


I get more specific on my yearly vision boards, however for my overall life vision bord I keep it more intentional then exact goals


6. Assemble the Vision Board + get Vision Boarding!

Start making a collage out of your vision board. 

With your poster board in front of you, and all your images, place, play and arrange your board to your aesthetic. 

Over the years, I have personally started being more minimal in my vision board as I find it more aesthetically pleasing, however please do what feels right to you. check out this post to get some amazing examples of a vision board to get your creative juices flowing! 


As I continued to get clarity each year, I preferred them to be more minimalistic in design. 


Some images will go on the poster board, some will go in a “later” pile to be used in a future collage, and some will just be recycled.

Take some photos of the board as you arrange it. 

Step back and look at it… even give yourself time before actually gluing. Sometimes I will take a break or come back to it later….

***TIP**** You can always put a small piece of painters tape to hold things in place until you are ready to glue

If you’re happy with your board vision, proceed to the next step. Otherwise continue to arrange, add images or words, and trim around others until you’re satisfied.



7. Glue it all Down and Embellish! 

When vision boarding, I use a glue stick for this as it allows me to put images on and then rearrange slightly if needed. For example, leaving corners without glue to overlap and then gluing down once I get the overall look 


Run your hand over image to lay it flat. 


Add embellishments as you feel inspired too. I always like adding some sparkles, sequins, glitter, lace, ribbon, or whatever else you desire.



FAQ’s when Making a Vision Board: 

How Often Should I Look at My Vision Board? 

Display Your Vision Board or put it away! 

This is personally up to you. 

Sometimes I like to see it a lot and other times I like to put it away for a while and look at it every few months or so. 


If you want to display it then:

  • Put it in a place you will see it often. I really like the bathroom (because let’s be honest, we are in there a lot ;) or by my desk/home office. 
  • I also really like to take a photo and add it to my phone - sometimes as a screen saver. 
  • Or I also create a digital copy - you can get instructions here. 


How Do I Use My Vision Board?

Use your vision board as a roadmap for your years ahead. Remember your LIFE VISION board is your very long term goals… each year I then make a more specific vision board to represent what I want to accomplish that year - more bite size chunks of how I want my life to look. 


Vision Board Templates - Are they a thing? How can I make this easier on me as My Time is limited. 

One thing I want to say is that as part of living an intentional lifestyle you must must must start being intentional about your time. Carving out time for your self development, creating your dream life and being a creator of your life versus a passenger does take an intentional choice on your part. So find the time. 


However, I also totally understand that the reality of life and depending on what phase, stage and life circumstance you have this may be more difficult. And I do not want to downplay your unique situation. This is why there are ways to make it easier. 

Like getting vision board templates like this that comes with curated photos, words and phrases to save you the time of scouring the internet for photos, or cutting magazines. Just purchase and print. Don't have a printer - then I highly recommend sending to your local print store to get coloured copies. Remember this is a Life Vision Board you will have for years to come.

Purchasing a vision board template is a great idea if you are short on time. It does not negate the fact that you will need to carve out some time to do the inner work - however it definitely save a lot of time on some of the aspects that you quite literally just do not have the time to do. 


Do you have Examples of Vision Boards?

I sure do… If you like examples, we are very much similar. I love to look at other people’s ideas to get inspired and see what speaks to me and then build off my vision from there. 

So if you are needing some examples of a vision board then check out some of mine over the years and get vision board inspiration in this blog post (with photos!)


Can a Vision Board be Just Words? 

Of course! This  is your visual representation of your life vision. We are all different learners, manifestors and individuals. I see the world through a different lens than you. Some people may really like the visuals while others may prefer the words and then think of their own visuals in their heads. 

You do you. 

There is no right or wrong. Essentially when you do your life vision board, you want it to speak to you. Whatever that looks like. If photos or words light you up…and bring you to that emotional energy of alignment and contentment, then do that! 


I’m Not Crafty. Is There Another Way to Create a Vision Board?

Although I highly recommend the poster and picture route you can also look at the following: 

  • Digital Vision Board - make one on Canva and save to your phone. 
  • Inspiration Wall - post pictures, words, images and things that resonate with you - kind of like a mood board - but for your dreams! 
  • Pinterest Board. I LOVE Pinterest! It is the most inspiring and positive place on the internet. If you are not on Pinterest - you need to check it out. I am a total Pinterest Lover and post the majority of my content there. Create your own private dream board and pin away!! Added bonus, when and if you then ever want to make a physical board you have a ton of photos to get you started!) 
  • Manifesting Journal - I actually recommend doing this in addition to the vision board, however, simply having a manifesting journal is also an amazing idea! Want some inspo - click here
  • Smaller Goal inspired vision board. Mini vision boards for a specific goal you want to achieve (ie - your dream career, your health, your wealth)


If you have made it this far down the rabbit hole of vision boards, then my gut is telling me you need one. 


And if this is the case but you are still feeling uncertain, then I encourage you to invest in yourself and enrol now for my signature brain based vision board workshop HERE that will walk you step-by-step through the process as well as give you amazing visuals and words to choose from to get you started. 


Trust me, once you make this part of your yearly goal setting plan, and begin to see things getting checked off your visualization board, you will never give this practice up! 


What do you have to lose? Give it a try. 

And if you love what you read or know a friend or family member who would love this,  Then Please give it a share!

One of my life visions is to make the world a happier, more intentional and aligned place and become a leader in this lifestyle aesthetic. Sharing with others not only helps make the world a happier place but also gets the word out. 

Do you have any further questions? Areas you are getting stuck in? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know! 






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