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80 Stress Relief Quotes for Self Empowerment

Sometimes reading others words of wisdom can bring a sense of calmness like no other.

In particularly stressful times when you feel as if you have no control, having a quote that resonates with you helps to relieve stress and calm anxiety.


Below I have rounded up some of my favorite quotes on stress relief with a self empowerment viewpoint for stress relief.



  1. Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere. - Erma Bombeck


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8 Natural Stress Relief Activities for Selfcare

We are ALL needing some coping skills right now. 

For those times when our mind wander into the abyss of worry and what if's, when our tempers are just boiling under our skin and when the lack of control we feel overtakes us. 

We need practical and tangible stress relief activities to implement in the moment and shift us back into the present. 

Although engaging in self care techniques are essential to boosting your immunity they do not always help in the moment. When your...

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6 Ways to Manage Emotions During Times of Stress

What do you do when your mind is stuck in fear and stress?

When it feels as if you have no control over anything?

As the world is in a period of uncertainty; reactions of panic, fear and anxiety can be felt around the world. 

Millions of people's personal energy is vibrating in states of fear, anxiety and panic.

And you can literally feel the change in energy in the world.

You can feel the heaviness.

And this heaviness is making us more sick.  


How to Manage...

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The Ultimate Guide to Your Personal Energy

Have you ever heard of personal energy fields, aura’s or vibrational states only to turn a blind eye and cast an assumption that it is too ‘woo-woo’, ‘hippy-dippy’, ‘new-age’, ‘pseudo-science’ or ‘spiritual’ for you?   

So many of us are quick to dismiss the idea of personal energy due to the perceived connotations it evokes in our minds.

As humans we often need to see something to believe it is there. Especially if...

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3 Reasons Why You Need Personal Energy in your Self Development Toolkit

The other day I witnessed 3 of my co-workers almost break down due the stress they are under in their lives.

3 educated, smart, caring and beautiful women who are at breaking points with the stress of life, overwhelm, worrying, anxiety and exhaustion.

I see this everyday in the work I do.

People are suffering.

Mentally and emotionally.


Clearly the last decades of suppressing emotions and having unhealthy coping mechanisms is not working for us.

Our world is in a mental health crisis....

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5 Facts Everyone Needs to Know About Personal Energy

You know that feeling when you are around someone and they make you feel light and airy, versus when you are around someone else who leaves you feeling heavy and exhausted?

This is personal energy.

So often energy is quickly linked to spirituality, however if you are more of a left brain logic thinker, you may want some more tangible ways to understand personal energy.

Here are 5 fascinating (and scientific!) facts everyone should know about personal energy. 


FACT 1: You are...

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10 Tips on How to Raise Your Vibration

You know those days when you are just feeling off? Your energy is low, you are having a pessimistic outlook on things and every little thing is just seems to be not going your way?  

You recognize that you are being a little grumpier and negative than usual, and just can't seem to get out of it? You try to re-align, have a positive outlook and get out of the mood you are in but it is just not working.

We have all been there.

It takes practice to learn how to shift out of a low vibration...

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Real #Couplegoals We Should All Strive For

My Granny is 87. My Grandpa is 89.

When I was young, they used to flirt and giggle in front of us.

Grandpa always giving Granny that sideways wink and grin. Granny always giggling “ooh Frank…”

They still flirt in front of us. 

They never hid their affection from each other, or from us.

They used to tell us the importance of always being a team. Of comprising.  Of meeting half way.

Of laughing at yourselves.  Of having fun.  Of keeping the intimacy...

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11 Ways to Declutter Your Mind to Gain Mental Clarity

Does your mind never stop?

The overthinking, over analyzing, and worrying?

Leading you into spirals of anxiety or extreme overwhelm?

You are not alone.

It is so easy for us to get wrapped up in the ‘mental clutter’  as our thoughts take us round a rollarcoaster in our mind.

In an age of information overload, it is so important to begin to care for our minds and being to sort through that mental clutter.


What is Mental Clutter?

We have all heard about the benefits of...

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7 Simple Self-Care Tips to Ease Overwhlem

How many times have you heard, or perhaps even said, “I don’t have time for self-care, I’m too busy.”

Only to probably hear someone respond with “you have to make self-care a priority”.  

There is a constant battle from one side of the spectrum screaming “self-care! self-care! self-care!” to other side screaming “When? When? When?”

It is enough to make anyone mad.  

But the reality is -- we all know we need to take care of...

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